Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF)

This is the Home-based fellowship that meets every Saturday and affords participants personalised opportunities to study the Bible, share insights in the Word, pray together and have questions addressed in an interactive and comfortable setting.
Acts 2:46 in the New International Version NIV reads:
“every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”
The advent of mega churches and the busyness of the times have resulted in a church with faceless members where people are being taught but not being touched. The Church has consequently become a large ocean with drowning members.

  • To Care – Hearts of compassion
  • To Feed – Produce nourished and balanced saints
  • To Teach – Impart knowledge and enlightenment
  • To Lead – Produce leading leaders
  • Undeniable signs and wonders
  • Life changing experiences
  • Christian care and loving interactions
  • Close knit family experience
  • Destiny-moulding teachings and much more in a non-denominational environment
S/N WSF Centre Address City Mobile Contact
1 BREAKTHROUGH 123 Carisbrooke Way, Cyncoed, Cardiff, CF23 9HU Cardiff 07414573110
2 FAITH 178, Bryn Fedw LLanedeyrn Cardiff CF23 9PW Cardiff 07853003608
3 HOPE 32 Mostyn Square, LLanishen, Cardiff CF14 5FE Cardiff 07477803881
4 VICTORY 9 Raglan Close, St Melons, Cardiff CF3 0HG Cardiff 07403779916
5 WISDOM 34 Pentrabane Drive, St Fargans, Cardiff. CF5 3DR Cardiff 07422534830
6 BETHEL 77, The Boulevard , Canton, Cardiff CF11 8FB Cardiff 07518965030
7 EPHRAIM Flat 20 Newton Court, CF24 0NB Cardiff 07458999201
8 DIVINE 15 DRYDEN CLOSE, LLANRUMNEY. CF3 5JY Cardiff 07761364815
9 MASTERKEY 10 Syphon street, Porth, CF39 9SE Porth 07538222093
10 JOY 3 Poplar’s Drive, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 2HS Rhyl 07719774723
11 KING’S 2 Rickards Street Graig Pontipridd CF37 1RD Pontypridd 07459150634
12 CHERISH 30, Claude Road CF62 7JF Barry 0749445896
13 PRAISE 2 Talbot Place, CF11 9BY, Cardiff Cardiff 07915237721
14 ZION 77, Montheimer road, Cardiff CF24 4QX Cardiff 07367637520
15 HOUSE OF DAVID 11B, Park Street, By Premier Shop, Treforest CF37 1SN Treforest 07436462572
16 HOUSE OF ISAAC 3B, The Court, Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 1RH Cardiff 07462661922
17 COVENANT HOME 3, Birchwood Avenue – Treforest Lantrisant Road CF37 1TZ Treforest 07552664968
18 GRACE 6, Cyril Crescent Broadway, Cardiff CF24 1DQ Cardiff 07778698288
19 HOUSE OF FAVOUR 16, Oakland Terrace Ferndale CF43 4UD 07396188943 Cardiff 07396188943

If you desire to include your location as a cell center, please ring us or send us a message: 07446243403, 02922749371.